They had our backs, now let's have theirs! image

They had our backs, now let's have theirs!

No one who wore the uniform of the US Military should worry about whether they will have a place to live, a place to work, or whether they can find treatment for Post-Traumatic Stress.

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Our veterans need your help!

Saving lives through cutting-edge PTSD Treatment

Suicides among the veteran population are rising again and currently 17 veterans take their own life every single day. This is a staggering statistic and Rags of Honor1 is the only veteran non-profit actively funding a procedure called a Stellate Ganglion Block that has proven in over 88% of recipients to greatly reduce, or in most cases completely eliminate, severe Post-Traumatic Stress. The procedure was perfected in Chicago and Rags of Honor1 has successfully funded over 20 procedures in the last two years.

Direct support through micro-grants

Our experience having hired over 90 veterans has been that their struggles are both at the micro and macro level. The transition to permanent housing often means having to pay security deposits for new apartments, buying basic household items like a bed, nightstand, kitchen utensils. All things that most civilians take for granted. At Rags of Honor1, we help that transition by funding micro grants for security deposits, rent, groceries and transit passes. These micro grants are the building blocks for a smooth, seamless transition back to a civilian lifestyle.